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What Is The Material Used To Make A Utility Kilt?

Make A Utility Kilt | UK Kilt

Updates on Kilts Looking for a practical Kilt that not only looks great on you but also has a purpose? Ensure that your kilt is constructed of the proper fabric to ensure that you are not only comfortable but also durable and beautiful! Are you unsure which fabric to use in your utilitarian or sports […]

Difference between Scottish and Irish Kilt

Difference between Scottish and Irish Kilt

A kilt is a knee-length skirt-like garment popular in both Scotland and Ireland. The main difference between a Scottish and an Irish kilt is the tartan. Scottish kilt tartans are associated with families as each tartan represents a clan. The Irish tartans that do exist are designed to represent the counties and districts of Ireland. […]

Child bow tie | Scottish Highland Dress, Irish And Welsh Formal Black Tie & White Tie Attire

Child bow tie

Scottish nightwear also named Highlands, dress is derived from the 17th century and has as much diversity as black tie in Anglo-America, but perhaps a little more. Therefore this page is purely meant to introduce to the topics. This is done by repeating the descriptive information from Wikipedia “Highland Dresses” (a significantly improved version since […]