How To Wrap A Kilt Like Outlander?

The history of the kilt goes back to the 16th century, when there is a full-length garment which is used to cover the whole body. At that time there was no concept of small kilt or modern kilt. The full-length garment is made of tartan which has ancient tartan colors. This ancient style kilt also names as great kilt […]

How To Make A Scottish Kilt

A Scottish kilt is simply called a tartan kilt. This is the kilt which has been manufactured with acrylic and wool material. A tartan kilt is the pride of Scotland.  There are many patterns of tartans available in all over the world. Each clan or Scottish family has its own tartan which is different from […]

How To Make A Kilt?

In the past, making a kilt is not easy as it needs more patience and time. However, making the kilt requires much experience and skill as it was not easy to make by everyone. It is indeed an art to make a perfect kilt for parties, discos and other events and festivals. Furthermore, it took years to make a […]

How Many Yards In A Great Kilt

A great kilt is the ancient and traditional kilt which was worn in the 16th century by the highlander soldiers. A traditional great kilt also known as breacan an fheilidh or feile mor. If you go back to the history of the kilt it is the most traditional type of kilt. The date goes back to the 16th century, it was only worn on the wars and on […]

How To Wear A Mini Tartan Sash

The mini tartan sash is made of wool and it is the ideal solution for those women who don’t want to wear a full tartan sash. The tartan sash is easily sits on the shoulder and can be easy to pin. The tartan sash is designed for everyone. A child and an old lady or men […]