Best Selling Hybrid Kilts 2021 – UKkilt Premium Quality Kilts And Jackets

Best Selling Hybrid Kilts 2021 Hybrid kilts are the kind of kilt that has been made with two colors. Sometimes these hybrid kilts have been made with two different materials. These are attractive and modern kilts for men that are available for both men and women. We are a manufacturer of hybrid kilts and have […]

Best Tartan Kilts In 2021 – UKkilt Premium Quality Kilts And Jackets

Best Tartan Kilts In 2021 – UKkilt Premium Quality Kilts And Jackets As we know the tartan is the cultural icon of Scotland. We are a wholesaler and maker of tartan kilts. Tartan kilts are the pride of Scotland. We are now discussing the best selling tartan kilts in 2021 Weathered Tartan Kilt We have […]

How To Wrap A Kilt Like Outlander?

The history of the kilt goes back to the 16th century when there is a full-length garment that is used to cover the whole body. At that time there was no concept of small kilt or modern kilt. The full-length garment is made of tartan which has ancient tartan colors. This ancient style kilt also […]

How To Make A Scottish Kilt

A Scottish kilt is simply called a kilt. This is the kilt that has been manufactured with acrylic and wool material. A tartan kilt is the pride of Scotland.  There are many patterns of tartans available all over the world. Each clan or Scottish family has its own tartan which is different from other tartans. […]

How Many Yards In A Great Kilt

A great kilt is an ancient and traditional kilt that was worn in the 16th century by the highlander soldiers. A traditional great kilt also was known as breacan an fheilidh or feile mor. If you go back to the history of the kilt it is the most traditional type of kilt. The date goes […]

How To Wear A Tartan Plaid

What is a tartan plaid? There are many types of garments available in the market and tartan plaid is one of them. This type of garment worn by Scottish people to protect from cold. Plaid tartan mostly used in winters. The word plaid is taken from the Gaelic word Plaide which means blanket. This is […]