How To Wear A Mens Scottish Sash?

What is a sash? A sash is usually a large material ribbon that is worn around the body. A sash not only for Scottish people, but these sash can also be worn by anyone as it shows pride. It indicates a high rank or status. It is worn from one shoulder to the opposing hip […]

How To Make A Kilt For A Child

A highland costume never be complete without a kilt. A kilt is the essential wear of Scottish culture. A complete highland dress includes a coat and a kilt. The coat never be worn with pants or trouser, there is must be a need for a kilt. Making a kilt for your child is not a […]

How Much Fabric To Make A Kilt?

A kilt is the national costume of Scotland. It is the knee-length wrap kilt for womens and men. The kilts are a symbol of Scotland and mostly worn by men. These are the popular outfits which are not only worn in Scotland or Scottish people. Many Americans, British and other people of the world also […]