Do you manufacture any kilt design?

If you have any design of branded kilt, then our makers will make for you in a good price.

Do you sell additional accessories with Kilts?

Yes, we sell extra accessories like Sporrans, sashes, flashes, socks, belts, shoes, Kilt pin etc.

What is your delivery time?

All the products listed in UKkilt are custom made. It takes 12 to 15 working days for manufacturing and after that we shipped through shipment service like DHL, FedEx, so overall it takes 3 to 4 weeks.

What is the regular kilt length for Men?

The regular length of a kilt is 24 inches but this length varies according to the person’s height.

Is ukkilt secure Website?

We uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) which provide end-to-end encryption to our customers which means your data is completely secure and safe. Your every transaction with Debit / Credit Card (PCI DSS Secure) also provides security to the customers.

How can I pay for my Order?

UKkilt accepts Credit / Debit Card and other payment gateways which accepts payments under their SSL 128-bit encryption (PCI DSS Secure) and provides security of your funds.

Are your measurement accurate?

Yes, our measuring guides are accurate. If you dont know how to measure a kilt or a jacket then must follow our guide first.

What if added wrong Information while Ordering?

If you think you have added wrong data then you must have to contact us before your order is dispatched.

How can I contact ukkilt for Information?

You can contact us any time using Contact Us form or mail us at as we are always ready to you our customers