How To Wear A Tartan Plaid

What is a tartan plaid?

There are many types of garments available in the market and tartan plaid is one of them. This type of garment worn by Scottish people to protect from cold. Plaid tartan mostly used in winters. The word plaid is taken from the Gaelic word Plaide which means blanket. This is an oversized garment made of wool material. This garment wears around the waist and then wraps over the left shoulder. Plaid has used tartan fabric. Scottish clans have their own type of tartan like Royal Stewart tartan, Black Stewart tartan, etc.  Sometimes the same clan has two different types of tartans, one is for the dress and one is for hunting.

Different between plaid and tartan

Nowadays, the term plaid refers to the patterns of traditional tartan designs. The term tartan now refers to the types of plaid. The plaid consists of two or more colors in a crossed horizontal and vertical bands. The repeat pattern is the main difference between traditional tartans and other types of plaids. In plaids, it is not necessary to match a pattern of a vertical stripe with a horizontal stripe.

After the Battle of Culloden, the traditional plaid was banned in 1747. There was a rule at that time, whoever wears the plaid, tartan, and trews should be imprisoned for 6 months for the first offense. If someone again caught, then he will be imprisoned for seven years.

How To Wear A Tartan Plaid

The plaid was the symbolic dress of the Highlander from the 18th century, but proper wearing the plaid needs practice. Plaid is the piece of the tartan which is roughly 18 feet long and about 5 feet wide. The tartan piece, then pleating and style into plaid. Two pieces of a large piece of tartan sewn together at the edge of the tartans to make a plaid.

How To Wear A Tartan Plaid

At the start, the plaid is pleating from the center and roughly two-thirds of the plaid folded into the pleats. However, in this way, it reduces the length to about five feet. After that, you can wear it which falls down at the knees. The top half drew on the left shoulder and fasten with the brooch while leaving the right arm free.

The other way to wear the tartan plaid is to cover the shoulders and arms from the cold or winter season. Many people believe that the right way to protect from cold and winter is to dip the plaid in the water. By doing this the wool becomes swollen and provides better protection against wind and cold. The wool itself a hot fabric which has cold-resistant properties. When the temperature goes down below zero degrees, then still the plaid tartan provides better protection.

Now, this is the fashion and many Scottish people love to wear in every weather. There is plaid blanket also available if you don’t want to wear the piece of tartans on your shoulders than you can wear a blanket in cold weather. You can now able to know How To Wear A Tartan Plaid.

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